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Online gambling – The psychology behind online pokies

Online gambling – The psychology behind online pokies

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Online Gambling |

Yes, there are true stories, even documented Guinness record about the people who won life-changing amounts of money by playing casino games, but let’s be real: these examples are rare, you always have bigger chance to lose your money than to win some and all casinos have the odds in their favor. This is how all games of luck are set and this is how casinos and the whole industry of gambling make money. Not saying there are no chances and you will certainly lose everything you deposit, just hold your horses when placing bets.

Slot machines or “pokies” as nicknamed in Australia, are one of the most popular games of luck of all time. They are quite simple and easy to understand, thus attractive to millions of gamers. Now when the internet online casinos are taking over the industry of land-based casinos and provide players with wide collections of casino games just few clicks away, online pokies have never been easier to play and more attractive. It’s true that there are higher amount of money at stake when playing online, but is the competition. Knowing this, most of the players come up with questions and dilemmas n whether there is some strategy; specific moves or bets they should pull in order to increase their chances of winning.

The truth is that there is no secret way or tricks that can make the odds in your favor. Poker machines have no memory or emotions, so all those convictions that your odds are better if you stick longer with the same online pokies machine, bet higher amounts of money, wait for the “hot” or “lucky” circle of the machine or anything similar to that, are just wrong believes.

mobile-social-mediaA common belief that you should keep playing, even when you are constantly loosing, because the win must be coming and you deserve it after all the loses, or because particular poker machine hasn’t payed out for quite some time, are just two more misconceptions. Also, there is no such a thing like lucky poker machine and brand new machines give you the same odds as the old ones. Poker machines are based on completely random choosing of combinations and every new spin is separate event. Outcomes of previous spins have no influence on new rounds.

Knowing this, probably the best advices on how to “fight” poker machines come to list of advices how not to lose more money than you can afford. First of all, play for fun.

Poker machines, land-based or online pokies, are designed to entertain you, not to make you rich. Play pokies for fun and if it happens that you win some, it will come as pleasant surprise. Don’t play out of need for money. Always set your time and budget limits before starting a game, so the casino atmosphere doesn’t gets you carried away. Online pokies even offer the option to set limits after signing into your online casino account and you cannot go over this amount. Keep in mind that pokies are designed to trick you to believe that placing 1 cent in every spin is a small amount of money and you got not much to lose. Local pubs are probably the worst option on the market. All land-based casinos offer higher amounts of money as award compared to local pubs. Playing online poker machines is wiser, since online pokies payout higher percentages. Test your luck with jackpot games, especially with jackpot links, where the system imposes that the jackpot has to be won before it hits certain amount. Also, study the advantages of “gamble” option that some online pokies offer and think of how and when to use it best.

Generally speaking, it all comes down to keeping fun and entertainment as leading motives for playing, to thorough analyzing of game rules and possibilities and to pulling smart moves with your total budget. Everything else in the world of online poker machines depends on your luck.

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Online gambling – Enter the world of online casinos

Online gambling – Enter the world of online casinos

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016 in Online Casino Games  |

Most of us were taught that a proper way is to find a job, work hard, get paid proportionally to what we’ve done and use that money to finance out living. Most of us will live according to that idea. Meanwhile, there’s a whole wide world of games of luck, where some lucky player changed his whole life right now by winning huge amounts of money simply by playing a game.

Though casinos and gambling itself are usually referred to as wises, the idea of earning easy money while having fun at the same time has always been attractive to many people. Nowadays, when all traditional casino games are available in the form of internet version at any online casino, playing casino games and testing your luck got a completely new form and popularity. So, if you are considering adventurous trip down that road, you should at least get familiar with terrain.


Online casinos are websites providing all kinds of internet versions of old-fashioned land based casino games, plus some brand new modern games of luck. All usual games, such as pokies or slot machines, roulette, blackjack, sports betting are easily available. Most of the casinos offer you a chance to play for free, practice and test yourself and the game using demo versions and fake money. You can use this option to test the casino website or if you are new in the world of players. If you decide to “go pro”, most of the games can be played for real money, with real stakes, deposits and winnings. Generally speaking, there are two ways to play. You can play directly via your browser or you can download the application.

jack_n_jill_casino_logo_by_jenowellandesEither way, the required procedure imposes you to create an account, leave all necessary information about yourself and make a deposit. Games usually use their credit cards to make deposits, but other ways of paying are also available. Once you’re done with playing, all loses will be collected from your money deposited on the account.

Also, if you win certain amount, there are rigorously controlled ways of getting paid. In that case, you need to demand “cashing out” and the casino will usually send you a mail with all further instruction and issue a check for the winnings paid. Money can be purchased by credit card or sometimes even sent directly to your address.

As far as the fairness and security concerns, most of online casinos have a good reputation. This field is highly regulated in many countries and users don’t report some significant problems with legal aspects or money transactions process. Waiting to get you earned money or getting it divided into several shares are sometimes reported as issues.

There is a list of well-known and reputable casinos which you should check out and start at those places. Once you enter the website of the casino, you can look around, search the collection of available games, get the first impression and stay or surf further. If the site pleases you, you need to complete the signing up process and after that you are free to play any casino game that suits you, just as you were standing in the middle of some Vegas casino or your local club.

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Tips for playing online pokies 

Tips for playing online pokies 

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online Pokies, Pokies Tips |


Pokies, slots or slot machines have been around since the 19th century, and they have undergone through several major changes since then. Not only land-based pokies machines have changed significantly several times, evolving from one-armed bandits to fancy computerized machines with touch screen, but there have also been developed their online counterparts. With the appearance of the Internet and its fast development, there has been a revolution in the gambling industry. Online casinos have emerged, and by this day they have become one of the most profitable online industries. Pokies have, naturally, found their place in an online setting as well, so nowadays you can play this game by sitting in front of your computer, but also by installing an app and playing pokies from your mobile phone.

No matter if you play land-based or online pokies, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions about this kind of game, and there are also many advice and tips you can follow to make your game more interesting and pleasant. Some of these tips you will find in this article.

infographic-about-online-pokies-and-casinos-in-australia_54ec44517f6ee_w1500First of all, do not trust the myths about pokies – they are not predetermined to bring you a jackpot after a sufficient number of free spins online pokies are not more likely to make you win if there are more users on the server at the same time, and pokies machines are not pre-programmed to bring or not bring the jackpot to someone.

Before you start playing or make it your routine, determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on this activity. Do not go past that limit and do not bet money you cannot afford to spend.

Develop your own playing strategies or search for some strategies online, and stick to them when you play pokies. It means choosing an optimal number of paylines, the amount of money you bet per game and the number of games you play per one session or during one day.

Check for the bonuses and free spins before you choose the game, because some online casinos offer better conditions on pokies machines than the others. You can get a welcome bonus, but also various bonuses throughout the game.

ripper-online-pokies-casino-dealsTry out the free version of the online pokies machine if the online casino offers one. This way you will see how responsive it is, which options it has and after all – whether you like it or not.

Choose machines that offer as high payout percentage as possible. 98% is optimal, and do not accept to anything under 95%.

If you see an advertisement for an e-book, a course or a system that can teach you how to hack an online pokies machine, make sure to avoid it. These offers serve only to take your money for buying them, while there is certainly no way of hacking and cheating an online pokies machine. The only one who will be cheated will be you.

If you do not understand the rules of a certain pokies machine, make sure to thoroughly explore them or simply find the one with simpler rules. Last, but not least, make sure to find a reputable casino, to ensure that your winning will be paid out to you.

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Most common reasons why people start playing online casino games 

Most common reasons why people start playing online casino games 

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online Casino Games  |

Online gambling has become a common way of playing casino games, due to its availability and a wide choice of games.

In addition to accessing online casinos from a PC, it is also possible to play a game of mobile pokies, roulette, blackjack or poker, from any place you can find yourself at and at any time of day. Because of such ease of access and such a number of opportunities and options, the number of online casino users and players of these games is on the increase. The reasons why people begin playing casino games are more variable with online gambling than it is the case with traditional gambling. Here are some of the most common reasons that make people start playing casino games online:

SweetHarvest_Poster-723x1024Boredom – many people use Internet to kill time and feel less bored. Online casino games make a perfect solution for some people who look for a way to have fun and maybe even win some money while they are at it. Online casino games are possible to play by betting real money, just like in traditional casinos, but there are also many games that can be for free- they are provided by online casinos as trial versions of paid games, but they can also be found on websites that offer other types of online games completely free of charge.

Curiosity – this is also one of the common reasons people decide to try casino games. Internet makes it easy to access these games, so anyone who feels curious about learning something more about ambling and trying it out can do so from the comfort of their own home.

Financial issues – this is a reason that sometimes makes people gamble either in traditional or online casinos. Unfortunately, it is a very common motive for gambling, but in a situation like this it can create more problems than it can solve.

kkAdvertisement – just like pretty much everything else, online casinos are also advertised online. There are video ads, pop-up windows, banners on different websites, and it can easily happen that you see an online casino advertisement while you browse the Internet for something completely different. If you are drawn by curiosity after seeing the ad, you may wish to try out these games.

Anonymity – since many societies consider gambling undesirable and dangerous, there are those who do not want to be seen in a traditional casino, because it would harm their reputation (doctors, teachers etc). Online gambling offers anonymity and impossibility to be seen while gambling, so it is more comfortable to gamble this way.

Friends’ recommendation – many people decide to start gambling online because their friend needed a partner for a game, or they had positive experience and the new user decides to try his luck as well. If practiced responsibly, online gambling with friends can be a form of social activity that may come as a useful way of relieving stress, socializing and exchanging game-related experiences.

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Playing games of chances online from PC or on your phone? 

Playing games of chances online from PC or on your phone? 

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Online Pokies |

Games of chances are today very popular, especially when it comes to games of chances. There is large number of such of the game of chances, and each of them has at least another 100 its smaller species.

So you can really find the one that corresponds to you. Since appeared “the smart phone” it is a huge debate whether it is better to play these games online from your PC or on your phone? In this article you will find good and bad sides of playing these games on your phone and online.

Good things about playing games of chance online:

The best thing about playing these games online is that you can play for real money. You pay as much money as you think it is enough and play as much as you want to. Sometimes the earnings of the things in which you really enjoy are excellent things.


Another great thing about online playing these games is that online poker, slots, blackjack games you’ll find much more on the Internet, while on your phone are always limited number of bids.

You can online play those for real money and just for fun. There are a lot of sites who offer you that you can play for real money and just for fun on the same site, so you don’t have to search for another site who offers only playing for fun.

Good things about playing those games on your mobile phone:

imagesIf you play this game on your phone this is an excellent way to improve your skills and tactics for the games with real money.

Second thing is that you have your mobile phone always with you. That means that you can always play those games where wherever you are.

In these games on the phone, there is no money in the game. This means that you can never make a wrong move.

There are only few games who are rated, so you can easily choose the one that you like the most.

Bad thing about playing those games online:

One of the worst things about playing games of chance on the Internet is that some of them who are really, really good, with extra graphic and sounds need to be downloaded. Sometime that can make you really angry and you just lose the will to play poker or slots.

Bad things about playing games of chance on your phone:

One of the worst things about playing those games on your phone is that some players would like to play for real money but they cannot.

The second one is, although you cannot play for real money you can click something wrong, because the phone is small and impractical for this game, and you can lose your chips.

The Google Play Store offers only few really good poker games.

I hope that this article helped you about choosing the way playing your game whether it is poker or blackjack or just slots.

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Playing pokies online  

Playing pokies online  

Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Online Pokies |

The slots are very popular game and there is no man in the world who has not tried to play them. Slot machines can be found in every casino, as well as in every bar where you can play some games. This game is not only popular in man’s population; it is also popular in women’s world. A large number of women’s is also depended of slots.

play-online-slotsHumans have now solved your problem going to the casino so as to make slots that you can play now online. Online slots are very popular and millions of people from every state everyday shook this famous game. The principle is very simple; all you need to do is means 3 pairs of frames. Online slots you can play today for real money.

Find a suitable site on the Internet, make your account, give your bill from the bank and the game can begin! But beware; there are a lot of fake sites on the web, especially when we talk about the games of chance.

400_F_39651350_LmC0sW1WRstmlvxMSogzcd3dACl6TSlfOne of the most popular sites where you can play slots for fun is penny-slots-maschines.com. This site offers so many types of slots that you can spin each day free. This page also offers you to play slots for real money. When it comes to pokies phone versions of this game of chance are available. You can play them on your phones after your download is complete.

This is very easy process and you should try to play it. OF course, nothing can replace the real feeling of hitting the buttons in real casino. The slots are very popular all over the world and if you play them online for real money or just for fun, you will enjoy in every way.

William-Hill-BlackjackWhen it comes to online gambling there are also all sorts of other interesting games like poker, blackjack, roulette etc. You can play them in all part of the world thanks to the internet. This is really great thing and the best of all it can give you great skill and improve you’re playing in general.

You can play these games for free and you can download some interesting software from the online gambling page.  When it comes to poker then you should know that there are all sorts of competitions and tournaments which you can enter. Here with a little bit of luck you can get lots of money.

Online Pokies

Pokies in general are the most popular games of chances on the web.  When compared to other games, pokies are very simple and in some cases there aren’t real gaming order and in that case other games might be easier to play with more success rate when it comes to winning. Check this out and I hope you would find your own game. Anyway, here are some of the great things when it comes to online games of chances. As I said it can improve your game  and it can be very good for you. Just fill out the registration and start right away.

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